Starbucks: Another New Habitat for Books

Currently playing on my iPod: In For the Kill by La Roux

Don’t you just love Starbucks’ free song downloads? Well, the songs are back and they’ve brought friends.

Now Starbucks will offer an “extended sample” of new books. Night Circus–I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now if you’re into books–will be the first offering. Sounds good to me. Although I shudder at the big, scary important people who fashioned this little marketing Frankenstein, I do appreciate the idea. Anything that helps good books sell is a-ok with me.

Have you noticed that books, left homeless with the close of Borders and Davis Kidd and so forth, are ninja-ing into the strangest places? Literary fiction, with its little nose in the air, sitting solemnly beside the Big League gum at the gas station. A full army of every muscle rippling, alien invading, vampire sucking genre fiction title from the last two years marching right next to the salsa at my local grocery store. And now, when I pick up my steaming Cinnamon Dolce Latte from the cute guy who pretends he didn’t just get my name from the cashier, a book sample will wave to me, its clever title dark and enticing. 

Every day, books sneak into more and more odd spots, trying to survive. Just like the Barred Owls in my parents’ suburban backyard, books have lost their natural habitat and so they will live where they must. WHERE WE SPEND OUR MONEY. On the computer, on our phones, in coffee houses, and Walmarts.

That’s it. I’m going to go vomit now. The end is near. Dear God, someone buy Barnes and Noble. I can’t take it!

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