Social Networking and the Writer

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Lately, I’ve been purposefully neglecting my blog, facebook, the online forum I thoroughly enjoy, and so forth in favor of working on my latest project.

I began my blog to hash out thoughts and ideas. I enjoy it and will continue, but there are many successful authors out there who are wondering if social networking is a wise use of their time. These talented men and women spend hours upon hours twittering and posting when they could be working on their next book. In the current environment of crashing publishing houses and closing bookstores, is it wise for authors to spend their time on social networking? Has that bubble of purpose popped?

What do you think? How do you find your next read?

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2 Responses to Social Networking and the Writer

  1. Yogini says:

    umm… I like the song ET

  2. Dave Stewart says:

    Social networking is cursed as being terribly overrated yet one of the most inexpensive advertising and delivery channels available to the public. But does that advertisement pay off? How many followers do you have? Of that, do you have active followers that provide feedback? Is your blog exposed to right channels to obtain an active readership? If the answer is “no” or “I dunno” to those questions, then you should seriously consider the amount of time it’s taking away from other productive endeavors. I’m reasonably certain the answer is “no” for most bloggers. What are your options, then? Stop? Find a more appropriate channel to your target readers? However, if you don’t care and find blogging a means to an end of simply writing, then maybe you want to keep it.
    “Right” answers will vary widely, but if you have something else that is more successful, go with the success.

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