Unexpected difficulties for authors

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So my mind (and it has plenty of company) is still on Harry Potter and JK Rowling. Sorry, but I am pretty excited about that upcoming flick. I just read an article in which Daniel Radcliffe says something about how even though Rowling told him that she would not be writing any more HP novels, he has seen where she told others that she hasn’t ruled that out yet. He basically said he was finished regardless and he needed to have a big talk with Rowling. I’m sure he was just kidding around, but can you imagine being in Rowling’s shoes during such a conversation? The incarnation of your main character knocks on your door and requests that you do not write any more about him. I’ve always thought that having a book I’ve written made into a movie would be completely fabulous, but, I confess, such a strange issue never entered my daydreams. I’m trying to visualize it now, but I can’t get past hyperventilating at the (imaginary) sight of my main character in the flesh. And that’s what Rowling has been experiencing for a decade or so now. You know Radcliffe is spot on Harry. C’mon. I realize I’m heading off on a tangent now–I make no apologies. I can do what I want. It’s my blog. Na na na boo boo. This all reminds of a writing exercise I did a while back. I was asked to imagine having a conversation with each character in my novel. If you’ve never attempted this before as a writer or a reader, I highly recommend that you do. It’s very fun and wildly helpful in furthering your understanding of a character. Well, I’m signing off for now. Be on the lookout for at least two more HP related posts. One of which will detail why exactly Sirius Black rocks.

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