Ooo, goodie, a delicious name

currently playing on my iPod: Plainsong by The Cure

Today I spent two hours researching my second novel, searching for another historical bad guy to tie into my plotline. I found what I was looking for in Amadeus IV, Count of Savoy. This fantastically named maniac defeated two of his brothers to claim his spot as big cheese in Savoy (Savoie-fr)–a lovely little area within the Holy Roman Empire. His dad was a true medieval man in that he snatched up a king’s (Philip II) fiance, married her, and produced more children than is really reasonable, just to solidify his healthy chunk of continental Europe. I love research, but I must beware. Someone recently reminded me that research is seductive and one must only do what is necessary. So true. I could spend an eternity in the library or on the web and then have not a thing (besides conversation that no one around me cares to take part in) to show for it. On with the show, Amadeus.

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