Playlists for novels

I love having a playlist for a novel I am reading/writing/thinking about. Some authors post them on their websites which is a great way to find new music. Also, when I enjoy the music I get a real “feel” for the story. To me and many others, books are like movies going on in your head. They are actually quite better than real movies because you can picture the characters in any way you choose and you can change the storyline as you mood sees fit. When you listen to a song that either the author chose or that you just picked out on your own, it is so easy and thrilling to allow the novel to play in your mind. There are songs which, when I hear them, immediately bring a book to life again. A character. A battle. A love scene. Tragedy. Joy. Pain. Triumph. Music and writing are so in sync for me as a reader and as a writer. Spend some time on iTunes or on your fave author’s webpage and find a soundtrack for your latest book. You will feel as if you have stepped right into the story.
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