Why do you write?

If you’ve never visited Backspace.com, you must do so soon. Now. Come back to me later. So many articles created by agents, writers, and editors scream such clarified truth from experience. It is a joy. Recently, I read an article by David Morrell that discussed the basic question “Why do you want to be a writer?” Before reading down the page, I questioned myself as I have done in the past. Certain thoughts came to mind: an outlet for my wild dreams, an escape from my wonderful-but-I’m-a-mother-so-you-get-it world, the chance to do something creative and original. Well, I decided that none of those were my reasons. I just could not stop myself from writing. Even if I fail to bring my purse-size notebook, I manage to find a receipt on which to scribble. Sometimes I write on the sides of my planner. The poor thing is hardly used for proper planning. Regardless of the day, time, mood, busyness factor, I always write. So I read further into Mr. Morrell’s article to see what he had to say on the matter. I find that I already knew his answer, but had not put it into words. He says that (and I paraphrase here) you feel the need to put both your day-dreams and your day-nightmares on paper in order to express yourself. Yes, Mr. Morrell, I agree. And I have found that when I am swept away during writing, metaphors for my fears and desires appear everywhere in my writing. Just like magic. And when I feel my writing is flat, I ease myself into opening a dark corner of my heart–a place I do not wish to see or explore. But when I write through the darkness, I feel lighter. I meet the demons head-on, sculpting them into unique character traits for my fictional characters or using the fear as a way to show human nature at its best/worst. My pen and paper are my therapists, my priests, my mentors, myself.  
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