The Endless Double Check

When, oh when, will I ever stop "double checking" the historical facts within my novel? I suppose it is all for the good, but I find it ironic that I care so deeply to portray accurate motivation for the historic figures in my book, and then I throw completely fantastical elements into their long ago worlds.  
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2 Responses to The Endless Double Check

  1. Unknown says:

    Those "fact checks" enrich your writing beyond the mere objective of accuracy. Your assimilation into the culture increases with research. Unless you invent a time machine, don’t stop your travels into England’s past by the only available conveyance–the written word.

  2. Alisha Marie says:

    Thank you for your comment. I agree wholeheartedly. The characters must come alive within their own time and culture and that can only happen with my own immersion into their truths.

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